Vintage Rugs

Nothing warms up a room like vintage Moroccan rugs. Vintage area rugs aren’t only a staple of Moroccan culture. They’re a welcome addition to the room for a variety of reasons.

Of course, they’re attractive and provide a unique style of art to your room. But they’re also pleasant to your feet. In this way, Moroccan rugs are a vintage, yet tangible, piece of art that can make any space elegant. Not unlike other Moroccan décor, Moroccan vintage rugs can boost the vibrancy of your living space.

Check out our selection of vintage style rugs below. And read more to learn about the benefits of incorporating a vintage looking rug into your living space.

A Story to Tell

Moroccan vintage rugs tell a story, both in terms of their look and their creation. Like any vintage area rug, you can see and feel the life within it. All our vintage rugs are more than 20 years old, which means they are rich with wear, but not worn out. Because of their quality, they have many more years of bringing style to living spaces.

Further, these amazing pieces of art have patterns and weaving that tell a meaningful story on their own. For instance, our Bahia vintage rug boasts a modern eye pattern. A weave which symbolizes protection. And its thick wool yarn is hand woven by Berber women of the High Atlas Mountains.

Stories like this can only be found within the traditional techniques of Moroccan vintage rugs. The same can be said about our vintage runner rugs, of which no two are the same.

Crafting these rugs is a skill that is passed down from generation to generation. More specifically, from mother to daughter. Because of its hands-on technique, a single rug can take up to eight months to complete. And this means more than time went into its creation, but also love.

If you’re looking for an area or runner rug that’s vintage, then consider a vintage Moroccan rug with a story to tell. More than that, you can make it your story.

Floor Covering or Decorative Pieces

Authentic Moroccan rugs can serve more than a single purpose. As a floor covering, their thick pile can soften any space, suitable for cushioning your feet or a newborn. Essentially, whatever the situation of your space, a vintage area rug provides a wonderful accompaniment.

On the other hand, you might be looking for a wall decoration. Because of their intricate designs and natural dyes, vintage Moroccan rugs give life to any wall. Their style can blend with both traditional and modern color palettes, as well as architectural designs.

Moroccan vintage rugs are more than woven fabric. Just like Moroccan ceramics, they’re pieces of art. Depending on your living room style, vibrant colors woven into intricate patterns might be just what you need

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Just like no room is the same, no vintage Moroccan rug is the same. Fortunately, we have something to complement your style.

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