Moroccan Tableware

Handcrafted Moroccan art doesn’t have to be reserved for rugs or vintage decor. Moroccan glassware or Moroccan bowl sets are great ways to merge art with functionality. After all, why not have a tabletop that inspires?

We have a full collection of Moroccan plates, Moroccan glasses, pitchers, mezze bowls, and the list goes on. Set your table with some of the beautiful pieces below.

Handmade Stories

The table is a place for stories, and our Moroccan tableware is precisely that. Our Moroccan wine glasses are handblown and made from recycled bottles found locally in Marrakech. Authenticity and care can be seen in the variation of shapes and bubbles within each glass.

These details set our Moroccan style glassware apart from competitors. And the same can be said of our Moroccan style bowls. The attention to detail and the variance of color give these pieces uniqueness and life.

And what’s more, these Moroccan glasses are dishwasher safe. As mentioned, our Moroccan tableware is an excellent way to incorporate functional art into your lifestyle. And besides, after an evening of toasts with your Moroccan style wine glasses, doing dishes is the last thing on your mind.

On the other hand, some of our pieces should be handwashed to protect them for years to come. For instance, our terracotta salad plates should be hand washed due to the porous nature of the material. But if dishwasher safe is a must for you, we have plenty of additional handmade Moroccan plate options.

Our collection is complete so that you can set your tabletop the way you want. Think of these pieces as a way to make new stories of your own.

Ethically Sourced

We work directly with artists and are committed to ethical practices. Simply put, we skip the middleman.

Our intention is to ensure that the artist who crafted your Moroccan tableware earns the compensation they deserve. This has led to a productive relationship that’s flourished with care. And this care has benefited our consumers, as the pieces are made with the upmost quality.

Decorate on Another Level

Some customers prefer to display a Moroccan plate as a piece of standalone art instead of a dinner set. Because of the texture and beauty involved, there’s no wrong way to display an authentic Moroccan plate. There’s only the way that fits your lifestyle.

Explore More at Azulike

Moroccan tableware is one of many styles of handmade offerings and products. And like our tableware, we maintain the same ethical standards for all our products.

Moroccan Ceramics

Like our beautiful Moroccan plates, our selection of ceramics is both stand alone and functional. Perhaps you’re looking for a piece of art for an outdoor patio. Or maybe you want a planter in your dining room. Our selection of ceramics is sure to have the goods for you.

Moroccan Decor

From vases to rugs to poufs, Moroccan decor can complement any room. And this’s the case whether you are going for a modern or vintage approach. Our handcrafted goods are an excellent way to add style and warmth to any room in your home.

So Much More

At Azulike, we believe that Moroccan art belongs in every room of the house. More than simply a style, our products represent a culture of handcrafted beauty. And since they are sourced with ethics and love, you can feel good about adding these pieces to your collection.

Shop our collection today to find the perfect Moroccan tableware for your home.