Moroccan Planter

Design and functionality mesh well when it comes to Moroccan terracotta planters.

Unlike many planters, Moroccan terracotta pots can be inspirational on their own. Inside or outside, empty or full, a Moroccan style plant pot is more than a home for plants. It is a piece of art designed to complement and improve your space.

As you can see from our selection of Moroccan plant pots, we take pride in curating only the best. Whether you want a large Moroccan planter, or perhaps a small olive jar, you will find nothing but beauty here. And you can see this beauty in the texture and details of each piece.

Since we work directly with artisans, our handmade Moroccan style planters are crafted with the utmost care. Additionally, this means that each Moroccan plant stand is unique. Unlike assembly line manufacturers, we pride ourselves on authenticity.

Made in Morocco

Our products are handmade in Morocco, like our large Moroccan plant pots crafted in Marrakech. Using local materials and immersed in genuine culture, our Moroccan planters are the real deal.

And as mentioned, we believe beauty and functionality can go hand in hand. That’s why each of these special pieces is designed with a drainage hole at its base.

And since we purchase directly from artisans in Morocco, there are added benefits to these works of art. You can feel confident you are acquiring a true Moroccan planter with details that shine bright based on our relationships with the artists.

Each artist we work with understands their work will be showcased, so they dedicate ample time and effort to create masterpieces. This relationship means that our customers are receiving only the finest quality pieces. And it means the artists we partner with are being financially compensated for their work.

This relationship is the reason you won’t find Moroccan terracotta plant pots like ours everywhere. We are specific and loyal, and this gives our customers peace of mind.

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The love can be seen in all of our pieces. Whatever your reason for desiring a Moroccan planter, we have just what you need. Whether you want to have a large tree on your back patio, or a detail to add some zen to your living room. Our selection has what you are looking for.

And if you are looking to supplement your large Moroccan planter, we have options. Check out our selection of ceramics and home decor. All of our products are made and sourced with the same quality.

Shop our collection today to find the perfect Moroccan planter for your home.