Moroccan Kilim Rugs & Pillows

Kilim rugs and kilim pillows are staples in the world of Moroccan décor. These traditional pieces of hand-crafted beauty are ideal for adding style and authenticity to your room. Whether you’re looking to spruce up your floor, your couch, or your wall, check out our kilim rugs for sale.

Understand the Difference

If you’re new to the world of Moroccan décor, you might wonder what sets a kilim rug apart from other rugs. Kilim is a style of weaving that results in a flat finish without any pile. This is true for kilim runner rugs just as it is for kilim lumbar pillows.

Using hand-crafted techniques, kilim rugs are likely to have imperfections. This is part of their charm, and an indicator of authenticity. You’ll also notice that kilim rugs have the same pattern on both top and bottom, due to their flat weaving style. But don’t worry, as the stitching marks will help you clearly identify which side goes up.

However, because of their flatness, it’s recommended that you use a carpet pad underneath. This will not only add a layer of support for your feet, but also prevent the rug from wrinkling up. If you’re planning on hanging your vintage kilim rug on the wall, then you’re ready to go.

Ethically Sourced Pieces of Art

Like our ceramics and other pieces of art, our kilim rugs are 100% handcrafted and ethically sourced. And not only that, but we also work directly with the artists themselves. It’s the only way to make sure our products are authentic, but also that the artists are being paid for their work. In this way, our operation is a relationship.

And by purchasing products from us, you’re directing supporting our artisan partners.

We can confidently boast that each authentic Moroccan kilim rug and kilim pillow is hand woven. These pieces are crafted by Berber women of the High Atlas Mountains and can take up to eight months for a single rug.

The patterns may vary from rug to rug, but the technique is true to tradition. These skills are passed down from mother to daughter, generation after generation. These techniques are the same for crafting kilim pillows, piecing together sections of kilim fabric. It’s important to note that our kilim pillows come as covers only.

Tangible Art

The hand-woven techniques of these Moroccan pieces make them durable, so you’ll have them for life. This is the caser whether you want to place your vintage Moroccan kilim on the floor or the wall. These techniques make Moroccan art unique in this way. Their durability and strength mean you can rely on them for years to come.

No other piece of handcrafted art can handle years and years of being beneath your beet or supporting your back. And even further, none can do it with such style as Moroccan kilim rugs and kilim pillow designs.

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Peruse our kilim rugs for sale and find something that works with your style. Additionally, we’re happy to help you explore your options in more detail. We understand that purchasing pieces of art is no small task. Reach out and let us help you find the right kilim rug or kilim pillow for you.

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